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*All to-go orders made during this limited time will be subject to a service charge directly allocated to our service staff team members.

To Go Trays

If you are having a “fiesta”, let us do the cooking for you!

Superior Salad Tray (Beef or Chicken) (serves 10 -12 people) – $100.00
Served with two pints of dressing, utensils, plates, serving spoons/tongs and large chips & salsa

Superior Fajita Trays (serves 10 -12 people)
Served with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, tortillas, plates, utensils, serving spoons/tongs, and large chips & salsa
     Add 1 lb Chicken for $23.95
Combo (Chicken & Beef) – $165
   Add 1 lb Fajita Beef for $31.95
Combo (Ribs/Brochetas) – $200.00
***** Add ½ pan of rice or ½ pan of beans to a Fajita Tray for $15*****

Pan Beans – $30.00
Pan Rice – $30.00

Superior Quesadilla Tray (Beef or Chicken) (serves 10 people) – $75.00

Tacos come with lettuce, tomato, and cheese
     Ground Beef$26.00 dozen
     Chicken$28.00 dozen

     Cheese$22.00 dozen
     Chicken or Ground  Beef$28.00 dozen
     Superior Enchiladas$36.00 dozen
     Shrimp or Crawfish$36.00 dozen

      Cheese$11.95 dozen
      Chicken or Ground Beef$16.95 dozen
      Shrimp or Crawfish$18.95 dozen

Handmade Pork Tamales$34.99 dozen

Tortilla Soup$49.95 gal

Chili con Queso – $14.25 pt
             w/Ground Beef $15.25 pt
Seafood Chili con Queso – $18.95 pt
Guacamole – $15.25 pt
Sour Cream – $5.75 pt
Pico de Gallo – $4.95 pt
Pechuga Salsa – $4.95 pt
Small Chips & Salsa – $5.50
Large Chips & Salsa – $7.75

Gallon Tea – $12.00  (unsweet or Rasberry sweet tea)