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Kids Menu (12 and under) Print this menu

*All to-go orders made during this limited time will be subject to a service charge directly allocated to our service staff team members.


Child Plates – $8.95

           For children 12 and under. Surcharge will be applied for ages 13+.


Superior Grilled Cheese

         Above served with fries

Chicken Strips (grilled or fried)
Served with rice & fries

Mini Cheese Quesa-Dita
Plain or with ground beef

Nino’s Cheese Nachos

Combo Kids’ Plate
Beef taco and cheese nachos

         Above served with rice

Soft or Hard Taco
Ground beef or chicken, rice & beans


Superior Cheesecake Chimichangas

Sopapilla with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Fried Ice Cream Coated in Corn Flakes & Cinnamon

Brownie with Chocolate Sauce & Ice Cream

Mexico City Street Churros

Key Lime Pie

Heath Bar Pie 

Mexican Flan 

Tres Leches